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The Problem and Solutions

Across the country, associations are scrambling to deliver more member ROI on increasingly stretched budgets, membership fluctuations, and sponsorship declines.  Many associations are facing possible cuts in personnel, programs, funding and more.


There is a way for your association to provide an added benefit to the members of your industry community while adding revenue. Association Revenue Partners provides specialty trade associations nationwide sponsorship revenue generated from businesses who want to sponsor your website, e-newsletters, mobile apps, social programs, and reach industry community members programmatically.


How Does it Work?

Businesses will be allowed the opportunity to show that they care about the members of your industry community. The businesses pay for sponsorship positions that allow them to showcase their products and services, while providing information, discounts, and added values to the great members of your association.


There is never a cost for your association, and you will receive royalty payments generated from these advertising and sponsorship packages that are obtained by vendors with your association. We offer the highest royalty payments within the industry. We contact the businesses in your industry and we will let each advertiser know that we are working "on behalf" of your association. We understand the importance of your association relationships and will represent you as you would.

Every association and industry is unique and has special needs. All solutions will be customized for your association, and you maintain full editorial control at all times. We will work with you and your team to create a compelling sponsorship campaign that will represent your association proudly, and maximize revenue generation opportunities. Our current partners communicate they spend about 10 minutes a month on the partnership.


The Goal

Our goal is to raise your association revenue, increase industry community engagement, and provide your community members with valuable discounts, service, and products from your vendor business community.



Allow your great vendor community to sponsor your main association website, and other digital properties that you own.


All sponsorship advertising placements can be customized, and we take care of all of the graphic content needs on behalf of your association!


Your websites receives great member traffic and your vendor business community members are eager to show their support for your association.

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Do you have a weekly or monthly e-newsletter that reaches the members of your association?  Relevant businesses would love to sponsor the publication, giving you additional revenue to fund other programs.


The ARP team will contact your local businesses who would like to have their company message delivered within your newsletter. Your association continues to produce the editorial pieces, and retains complete control over all aspects of your publication.


We work with you to determine appropriate sponsorship placements to maximize sponsorship value and ultimately additional revenue for you!

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Utilize cutting edge technology to deliver best-in-class solutions that allow your association  to gain additional revenue from your business community.


Your vendor community will be able to reach the members of your association with little to no impact to your current website. Your industry businesses are already participating in these types of programs, and you have the opportunity to capture some of this sponsorship revenue.

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Your association application can go from being a cost to an investment by allowing sponsorships to reside within your association app.


From cutting edge beacon enablement of your app for your tradeshow, to simple graphical display sponsorship positions, there are a number of ways that you can begin to realize real revenue from the investment that your association has made while enhancing the member experience.

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