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Privacy Policy





  • Association Revenue Partners recognizes your right to confidentiality and is committed to protecting your privacy.  We do not collect personal information when you visit our partner sites unless you request further information, place an order, complete a survey or enter a contest.  When you sign-up for a service, we will ask you for the following personal information: name and e-mail address. We may use your personal information to contact you for account purposes. When you place an order, we will ask you for the following personal information: name, e-mail address, mailing address, phone number, and credit card number and its expiration date. This information is requested for the purpose of the sale, and we may use your personal information to contact you for account purposes.  When you submit feedback or questions via e-mail, or contact us for information about our Web site, we will request your name and e-mail address. We use this information solely to respond to your inquiries.


  • Using cookies and automatic collection methods. For example, we and third parties we work with may collect information from the computer, tablet, phone, or other device that you install our mobile application on, that you use to access our website, or that you use to open an email or click on an advertisement from us. This collection includes automatically collected information, and generally does not include personal information unless you provide it through our mobile application or website or you choose to share it with us. Methods we use include:


         - cookies (which may be session-based or persistent, and are typically small data files that are stored on your hard drive or in connection with your Internet browser);

         - web beacons or tags (small images embedded into websites or emails that send information about your computer, tablet, phone, or other device when you visit our website, use or

           mobile application, or open an email we send to you);

         - website and mobile application log files (which we tend to create automatically in connection with access to and use of our website and mobile application);

         - Flash cookies or Local Stored Objects (which may be placed using Adobe Flash software—learn more about privacy and storage settings for Flash cookies  here); and

         - other technologies (which may be similar to or different than the methods noted above).


  • We share general demographic information with advertisers and partners as aggregated information that cannot be used in any way to identify you. All performance statistics and data are kept private and not released to any of our partners without your permission. Occasionally, we may reference our own statistics, but the data will be an aggregate of our whole client base, and not identify any one party. Association Revenue Partners certifies that all personal information relating to its members and partners, including email addresses and personal information, will be kept confidential. We do not share, sell, rent or barter any identifiable personal information to any third party without your permission.


  • Association Revenue Partners uses AdButler as their ad serving technology within our partner websites.  AdButler’s technology complies with all GDPR requirements, and we do not utilize cookies for frequency capping, conversion tracking, and/or geotargeting.


  •  Association Revenue Partners uses Choozle and their Smart Container tag and data targeting features.  They collect and use your information to help understand our customer needs, and provide a tailored experience for how you interact with our brand.  The information is only distributed to the services we use to help us execute this unique content experience for you.





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