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Utilize cutting edge technology to deliver best-in-class solutions that allow your district to gain additional revenue from your local businesses.


Your local businesses will be able to reach the community members within your district with little to no impact to your current website.  Your local businesses are already participating in these types of programs, and you have the opportunity to capture some of this sponsorship revenue.

Behavioural Targeting

Persona Targeting

Event Targeting

Target the leads that are actively searching for you via keyword, reading content about your solutions, and are looking into your competitors.

target the exact types of users you are looking for.  It’s crucial to familiarize those in your market with your brand before they even realize they have a need you can fill.

to hype you up before, during, and after a show or event to the users attending on their mobile devices.

Site Retargeting

Contextual Targeting

98% of first time visitors leave without taking an action.  70% of actions on websites happen after the 3rd visit.  Get those great prospects back to your site.

target users based upon the content that a user is currently viewing.

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How Programmatic Advertising Helps Your Company

We’ve all seen it...Whether we’re looking for a new car or that new pair of shoes, websites we have visited start following us around our ‘Internet’.

We are now being served advertising content based upon our browsing, search, and website visit history. Brands have identified we are most

likely in the buying cycle, and thus are more apt to respond positively to their message. Companies are recognizing the need to market to clients

well beyond their own websites and pursue potential customers into ‘Their Internet’.


Your Customers & ‘Their Internet’

What if you could spend your marketing budget only on clients that were interested in your services?


The need exists to provide multiple routes of access to your customers in order to connect with your company.


‘Their Internet’ is the idea that everyone will connect to web based content in their own way, and as a brand you need to try to accommodate as many methods as possible.


With proper guidance from an experienced team, you can leverage technology to increase meetings and sales.


Increased Web Traffic

Higher Time On Site

Increased Branded Searches

Increased Phone Calls

Higher Quality Web Traffic

Increased Sales

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